Friday, March 4, 2011

oops, there he went again

"Well, you didn't fuck her, here." At least Beck knew this much. He'd been undisturbed all night. He'd drank RED BULL nonstop. Hopefully, Liam didn't notice the slight shake he held inside him. He was half sick with a cold. But other than that, he was fine. He could only listen to so much RUSH, and he still hadn't gotten to that paper that was due today. He yawned as he gazed at Liam.

Beck couldn't decide if he were in love with his roommate or just wanted to be his bestie. It would be the latter because Beck did best to worship him from across the room instead of invading his space.

"No, not here." Liam shook his head. It was as if he were numb now. Or perhaps his head was somewhere else. "It was a house." Liam winced hard. "An abandoned house.....I guess."

"Huh." Beck slightly sighed. "So what kind of looker was she? You know, boobs? Tight ass, you get my meaning?"

"Shut it, OK?" Liam scowled then and fell back once more on his pillow. "Its not about tits or ass, you fuckwad."

"Sorry." Beck bit his bottom lip. "Just..never mind." He turned back to his lap top. It was true, he might as well be a mole burrowed up in this trash can. "You love her, I get it. I guess." Although, he couldn't say he'd been in love. Or was he? The only love he felt deep inside of him was for Liam. And he'd so hate for his mate to be hurt. Crushed.

He was in a vacuum, in a sense. All this he had to keep from him. It was an awful mess. He kept trolling for pictures on his dashboard. This time American Idol. He just needed something new to love.


  1. I agree with Ellie, intewresting Beck.

    Drinking red bull nonstop? That would make my hear palpitate non-stop, too. O_O

  2. Beck is definitely a character. :)

  3. What a roommate. Funny about American Idol..of all things.

  4. I feel a little sad for him.

  5. Hm. This this love that Beck is harbouring supposed to be homosexual love for his friend Liam or just brotherly love? Because that's a very important influence on the story.

    I think this is interesting. It could use a bit more description. And I suggest you don't use the word "looker." Other than that, I think this story has potential.

    I'm following.