Wednesday, March 16, 2011

into oblivian

Liam thought he might still be drunk, thinking of Mia. It had been days. He guessed. It was like a dream now. Every thought always came back to her.

He could be at the laundry mat, and think he saw her. But of course it wasn't.

After awhile, it was a sick feeling in his gut. He didn't know what to do.

"I'm never going to see her again." He yelped as if everything had been taken away from him and only Beck was there to witness it.

"Well, you got me." Beck, oddly enough, gave him a hug. And he didn't let go. Of course, Liam did actually cry tears for a few minutes.

"This is new." He finally pushed Beck off him.

"Is it?" Beck was suddenly cold then. As if some other personality had quickly took over and went into hiding.

Beck returned to his desk and his lap top. He seemed chained there. "You really need to get over the bitch." Beck said as if not to him, but perhaps to himself as he stared into the page of the Internet, waiting for him to note another picture.

"Beck, I need to know who she is." Lian stood there by his plastic bag of clean clothes.

"Then call the police, why don't you? That's their sort of thing, now isn't it?" Beck shrugged as if he might be a monk of some kind.

"I dunno." Liam was bitter, trying to think if he got her number right, or not. He just couldn't think..but to just see the word THINK in huge letters in his mind.

"God, you are an idiot." Beck sighed. Liam was beginning to think he had the worst roommate in the world.


  1. Ugh, I know how that feels when someone is just moping over someone else. It's a pain to talk the person and try to talk them out of their funk but I mean someone has to do it right?

  2. Oh this is so painful! I hope he makes a decision soon.

    Thanks for the recomendation! I will check out that book over the summer :)

  3. I just wish he would make a decision once and for all. :/

  4. I really like the dynamic they've got here.