Sunday, March 20, 2011

such great heights

"How about a movie?" Beck said it like a breath of fresh air. It was still daylight out. They could sneak into a cheap matinee. He'd been dreaming of kissing Liam, actually. It would have felt right too, but Liam, just never would stick his tongue in, properly. Beck still imagined how it could be..if it really happened. Perhaps, it could really happen in the dark, during a movie.

"What?" Naturally, Liam was in another world. Still, thinking about that damn careless girl who probably played boys like cards. She wasn't coming back. Beck knew it was just a one night stand.

"You know, that fucking movie about the fairy tale." Beck winced.

"Why would you want to see it?" Liam looked at Beck in disgust who was still at his laptop.

"I dunno..all those pretty.." Beck almost said pretty boys. "people. Don't you like that Amanda chick? Well, she's all sexy in it." Naturally, he was thinking of pretty men in tights with swords. He almost fretted an innocent laugh.

"You want to go out to a movie at a time like this?" Liam just about lost it before he flung himself on the bed again.

"Come on." Beck went to him. "Can't let the world see you lose it like this, man." The movie house was only a block away. If they hurried, no one would see them. They could sit in the back. He hadn't money for pop and a bag of corn, but he could get them in at the matinee fee.

"All right." Liam was reluctant to go. Beck grabbed their coats.

Even while on the walk there, Liam was looking for her.

"Would you stop it! Please." Beck glared at Liam.

"I know, I'm sick of it, myself. She's-she's like a disease." He acted as if he didn't want to live.

"You've, been crying over her?" He thought he would have noticed. But he saw how red his eyes were in the daylight.

"Yes." Liam was in a pout.

"Jesus, you really are a fucking ass. Where's your backbone?" Of course, Beck knew this was no way to seduce his friend. Now he was going to have to think. Really, to make this work.

They took their seats just as the previews were coming to an end.

"Maybe I could find a look alike, you know." Now Liam was being brave.

"Yeah, you do that man." Beck smirked, leaning back in seat. He kept his eye on Liam. If only he knew how he could get Liam over this girl. He bit his bottom lip in thought. Just then the movie started. Beck was pretty sure of it. This movie was so damn bad, that it was fun to laugh at.


  1. Like a breath of fresh air...if only.

  2. I'm not sure how much Beck can be trusted. :/

  3. Naturally, he was thinking of pretty men in tights with swords.

    That made me laugh really hard. Actually, this was all amusing . . . it's so realistic yet slightly melodramatic.

  4. This seems hopeless for Beck.

  5. I feel bad for Beck but his reactions are so funny.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I loved this conversation so much!